Aluminium ‘Safe For Use In Cosmetics’

The European Commission’s Scientific Community for Consumer Safety (SCCS) has reiterated that it is safe for companies to use aluminium in products such as antiperspirant provided that it complies with the limits laid out in European regulations.

In a previous opinion delivered in 2014, the 17 independent chemistry and toxicology experts who make up the SCCS, said that there was insufficient scientific data available to enable them to assess how much aluminium the human body absorbs from cosmetics.

Premium Beauty News reported that, since this opinion was made, new studies have been carried out, enabling the SCCS to reassess its guidance.

Following the release of new data, the SCCS has opened a new discussion on the safety of aluminium in cosmetics, which will be open until February of this year. It’s considering allowing companies to use the substance in lipstick and toothpaste at certain concentrations, Cosmetics Business revealed.

The report from the SCCS stated that people are exposed to aluminium in much more significant quantities through their diets.

“The SCCS considers that the systemic exposure to aluminium via daily applications of cosmetic products does not add significantly to the systemic body burden of aluminium from other sources,” it asserted.

It is therefore considering allowing aluminium to be included in toothpaste at a concentration of 2.65 per cent and in lipstick at a concentration of 0.77 per cent, Cosmetics Business reported.

In spray antiperspirants, aluminium is currently allowed at a concentration of 6.25 per cent, and in non-spray products at a concentration of 10.6 per cent.

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John Lewis In Hot Water Over ‘Back To School’ Make Up Class

There’s no doubt as suppliers of trade specific denatured alcohol, we know first hand how the growth of the cosmetics industry is bolstering business, and much of this comes from a younger generation really getting to grips with make-up in a new way. From Youtubers to beauty influencers, young people experimenting with make up has become more widely accepted and even nurtured as a potential, yet competitive, career path from an early age.

However, it seems that marketing to a young audience still comes with some controversy, after this week a John Lewis & Partners department store made headlines for offering a ‘back to school’ make up class.

According to The Guardian, the event, which was set to be held at John Lewis & Partners Bluewater in collaboration with make-up brand Mac Cosmetics, was cancelled after it received criticism from parents.

Complaints ranged from the event being ‘inappropriate’ for focussing on treatments for children, to encouraging young people to flout no make-up rules, which the majority of schools have in place.

Ella Smillie, the head of policy and campaigns at the Fawcett Society said that the event sent out the wrong message: “parents will be justifiably angry that companies are adding to the pressure their children are under to conform to gender stereotypes around appearances, instead of focusing on their education,” she explained.

John Lewis said that the event had been organised in isolation by the Mac concession in question, and that as the brand does not market to under 16s, it should never have been arranged in the first place.

Ariana Grande Launches New Fragrance

Pop stars and other celebrities are increasingly launching their own lines of beauty products, and Ariana Grande is no different.

She recently announced the launch date of her latest fragrance, which is called Thank U, Next. It was reportedly inspired by her heartbreak and is set to be released on 18 August this year.

Ariana already has several other perfumes on the market, including Ari, which she released in 2015. That fragrance is said to have “base notes of marshmallow and creamy musk, middle notes of rose and vanilla orchid, and top notes of pear, grapefruit and raspberry,” Page Six reported.

Thank U, Next will be sold in a bottle shaped like a broken heart. WWD pointed out that this will add to the collection of fragrances by the pop star. In addition to Ari, she’s also released scents called Cloud and Sweet Like Candy. All of them are sold through Ulta Beauty.

This is unlikely to be the only beauty product from Ariana Grande carrying that name. She has reportedly filed to the US Patent and Trademark Office to create a line of beauty products, including body lotions, bath gels, body scrubs and body mists alongside fragrances.

Grande isn’t the only star to be releasing a fragrance this month. Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner are collaborating on a new perfume, which is also set to be released in August, Highsnobiety reported.

The perfume, called Kim x Kylie KKW Fragrance collection will feature three scents, each of which is supplied in a lip-shaped bottle. They’re due to go on sale from 23 August.

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Lady Gaga Announces New Cosmetics Line

Lady Gaga has revealed she is launching a new cosmetics line, which will be sold exclusively on Amazon.

The Grammy-award singer is branching out in the cosmetics industry with her new brand, Haus Laboratories.

After keeping fans intrigued about her venture on social media over the last few months, she has finally revealed her line of beauty products will be on sale from September.

An article in Reuters revealed Amazon will have exclusive rights to the products, selling to customers in several countries, including Japan and Germany, and the singer-cum-actress’ home country, America.

Lady Gaga – whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – is reported to have chosen the online retail giant because it understood her vision.

She recently told The Business of Fashion: “There are companies that see me and what I stand for and the way that I view the world, and if it’s not perfectly in line with what they do… they’ll be like, ‘Can you change half of the equation?’. The answer is no. No deal.”

The Shallow star’s step into the cosmetic industry is not a surprise to fans, as she has been posting products from the line on her Instagram page for several months.

However, the brand now has its own social media presence, and has amassed over 315,000 followers already since it launched on Instagram just last week.

The line has also got its own website, with products now available for pre-order for September shipping.

While the product line is currently limited to lip and shimmer items, there is huge scope for Lady Gaga to expand her business. Using trade specific denatured alcohol, she will be able to create a huge range of other cosmetic products that her millions of supporters are bound to be keen to get their hands on.

Amelia Knight Plans UK Expansion

Cosmetics brand Amelia Knight, which is based in Knutsford, Cheshire, has recently acquired Pascalle Cosmetics, which is based in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Express explained that this will now give the cosmetics firm, which provides private label and branded beauty products to stores including Primark and Asda, a UK manufacturing base for the first time.

Until now, all of the company’s products have been manufactured in China, at its wholly owned operation in Hangzhou.

And Amelia Knight already has big plans for its new base in Stoke. In July, a new state-of-the-art laboratory is set to open here, allowing it to significantly expand its UK R&D operations.

Chief executive and chairman David Salmon, who founded Amelia Knight 20 years ago, told the newspaper that the expansion in Stoke is important. “As well as adding instant capacity, we have gained this significant ability to make ‘Made in England’ products,” he stated.

There could be increased demand for trade specific denatured alcohol from the company as it begins its new R&D activities.

And it isn’t only the ability to make products in England that the company is looking forward to. The acquisition will allow it to start manufacturing different products too, such as face masks. These are a significant growth area among the under-20 age group and are a market that could be worth tapping into.

There are already a number of affordable face mask products on the market, as the Mirror recently pointed out. The newspaper tested a host of the available products and found that the Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask, which is available at John Lewis for £22, came out on top with a 10/10 rating.

Vogue Highlights Its Top Makeup Picks Of 2018

Thousands of new cosmetic products are launched each year, and getting them into the spotlight and, more importantly, into people’s beauty cabinets can be a challenge.

Of course, appearing in Vogue’s list of the best beauty buys of 2018 will certainly help and this year the publication picked out a range of products that we shouldn’t be without.

One of the wider trends identified by the publication is that for wellness when it comes to beauty, something the magazine said is “more prevalent than ever”.

Among the products that fall under this category are the Aime Beauty Skin Supplements, as well as the Elemis Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask. In fact, many of the products highlighted promise glowing skin, which is always a key trend in beauty circles.

There are, of course, a good few makeup products on the list that can enhance your skin’s natural glow too, such as Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops. This product was suggested as a good all-round option, because it can be added to foundation or used as a base to make your skin look radiant.

Dior’s Backstage Glow Face Palette, Mac Studio Fix Fluid and the Shiseido Make-Up range all featured in the magazine’s list too.

The idea of creating a look that gives the impression you’ve come straight from a spa treatment isn’t one that’s likely to go anywhere in 2019. In fact, Marie Claire highlighted this as one of their top beauty trends to watch in the coming year.

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