McCormick & Co Bring Spice To Peterborough

McCormick & Co has been given the go-ahead to construct a huge new food processing factory in Peterborough, creating up to 300 jobs for the region.

McCormick & Co, the flavouring and condiments specialist, has been given the go-ahead to construct a huge new food processing factory in Peterborough, creating up to 300 jobs for the region.

According to Peterborough Today, the US spice giant put forward proposals for a 60,000 square metre development set within a 9.5 hectares site at the Peterborough Gateway, which has been approved by Peterborough City Council planners.

Construction for the industrial hub will take place in two phases at Plot 113, Forli Strada, Alwalton Hill, and will include a storage and distribution facility, a two-storey office block, and a transport hub with parking for 32 heavy good vehicles, and a 266 space car park. As yet, it is unclear when McCormick & Co intend to start operations.

The company was founded over 130 years ago in Maryland, USA, and employs approximately 12,000 people worldwide, and its spices, seasonings, and condiments are sold in over 150 countries.

They are the second food manufacturer to relocate to the Peterborough area within the last few months. AM Fresh, which supplies fresh produce to supermarkets, created 180 jobs when it began operations at Peterborough Gateway.

Peterborough had been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the new jobs will be most welcome.

Recent figures from the Department for Work and Pensions show the number of people claiming Universal Credit had risen by 30.5 per cent to 22,146 people over five weeks to May 14 as the coronavirus lockdown forced many businesses to shut down.

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M&S Launches Percy Pig Ice-cream

Percy Pigs have been synonymous with Marks & Spencer’s since they launched in 1992, but fans of the pink, pig-shaped foam sweets will be excited to hear they can now enjoy the iconic flavour in ice-cream form.

Indeed, you don’t just have to indulge in your favourite treat by tucking into a packet of moreish sweets, but can refresh your palate on a warm summer’s day with a frozen pudding.

M&S has described their new product as having “that unmistaken Percy Pig flavour of raspberry and grape, a ripple of signature fruity sauce running through and the soft chewy texture of strawberry marshmallow”.

Although the ice-cream is only available in stores, those who are doing their essential shopping at M&S will be able to pick up a tub to really enjoy this week’s warm weather.

Director of product development April Preston is one of the dessert’s biggest fans, saying: “I love two scoops with an extra sprinkling of mini marshmallows on top.”

Alternatively, you could have it with Percy Pig Dessert Sauce, which was so popular, it sold out soon after hitting the shelves in January this year.

While Percy Pigs have been around for nearly 20 years, M&S’ portfolio of sweets has grown exponentially during that time. Its collection now includes Percy Pig Loves Penny, Percy and Pals, Globetrotting Percy, Piglets, Percy Pig and Family, Percy Pig Gets Spooky, Merry Percymas, Percy’s Parents, and Phizzy Pigtails.

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Lidl Launches New Stilton Flavour For Valentine’s Day

While strawberries and cream is one of the most romantic deserts you can eat, a cheese platter is one of the most romantic meals, which is why budget supermarket Lidl has decided to combine the two for loved-up couples this Valentine’s Day.

It has launched a strawberries and cream-flavoured white Stilton, packaged in an inviting red heart-shaped block.

The £2.49 product could be the perfect accompaniment to a luxury cheese board with some crackers and grapes, making it a good choice for a romantic night in on February 14th.

While it might not be to the taste of cheese connoisseurs, or even those who like to keep sweet and savoury flavours separate, it is likely to go down well with last-minute shoppers looking for something special to dine on this Friday.

This is not the only unique offering available at Lidl for Valentine’s Day, as it is also selling a premium houmous selection containing basil and olive oil houmous topped with pesto and parmesan; a beetroot and mint variety with beetroot tapenade; and a red pepper version with sun-blushed red pepper tapenade and feta cheese.

Shoppers can also pick up heart-shaped macarons, a cherry and custard tart, and ‘For You With Love’ jelly sweets.

Domino’s is also launching a new pizza ahead of Valentine’s Day. The Catalan chicken and chorizo pizza has a double portion of Catalan-flavoured chicken, chorizo, onions, and green and red peppers.

It offered the flavour last February 14th and is bringing it back after it proved incredibly popular with couples who wanted a date night in on 2019’s Valentine’s Day.

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Baileys Launches Red Velvet Flavour In UK

Fans of Irish cream liqueur and deliciously moist red velvet cake will be excited to hear they will be able to enjoy both flavours at the same time this Christmas.

This is because Baileys has announced it is launching its Red Velvet limited edition drink in the UK for the first time, following its introduction in the USA, revealed Good To Know.

A spokesperson from Baileys teased shoppers by saying the beverage has “the classic cake taste of sumptuous chocolate and cream cheese frosting – without being too sweet”.

They went on to say it “has cocoa running through it to provide a slight but irresistible richness”.

It is the perfect drink to enjoy at Christmas, as Baileys is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages during the festive season. Indeed, according to Talking Retail, 39 one-litre bottles of Baileys were sold every minute in November and December 2013, amounting to 55,632 bottles every day.

Over the years, it has developed its offering to include Baileys Coffee, Baileys Orange Truffle, Baileys Chocolate Luxe, Baileys Almande, and Baileys Salted Caramel.

The latter flavour was introduced in time for Christmas this year too, hitting supermarket shelves earlier this autumn.

It has been described as a “truly irresistible taste”, which can be used in cocktails, coffee, on its own or poured over ice cream.

While Baileys Salted Caramel can be found in Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s at the moment, its Red Velvet flavour is only available online from The Bottle Club. Consumers can pre-order the 750ml bottle from the website for £17.99, with the drink expected to be shipped out on December 27th.

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Irn Bru Launch Spiced Ginger Christmas Edition

Scottish favourite Irn Bru have launched a limited-edition version of its traditional drink, flavoured with spiced ginger.

Irn Bru fans will be anticipating trying the new drink which is due to hit shelves this Christmas season, and hopefully will be just the thing to help deal with those Christmas and Hogmanay hang overs.

Flavoured with ginger, cloves and cinnamon the drink will be available in 500ml and 2litre bottles, just like the classic flavour.

Store owners told Scottish Sun Online: “We are expecting it in store over the next week or so.

“People are already going crazy for the 1901 release and now this, it’s just exploding.”

While Irn Bru bosses said: “Whether you’re naughty or nice, hold onto your reindeer, there’s something special on the list for Christmas.”

Ginger and spices have been traditionally associated with Christmas for a long time, as they have been used to spice traditional Christmas foods such as cakes, puddings and mince pies for hundreds of years.

Gingerbread has been made to celebrate various Christian festivals across Europe since the Middle Ages. Cloves have been used in pomanders which are used to decorate at Christmas time and cinnamon has been used in the winter months as a warming spice.

This limited-edition release follows the decision by Coca Cola to launch a clementine flavoured Coca Cola this year.

This is a classic example of food manufacturers using monopropylene glycol in their products to create interesting limited-edition flavours for fans of their foods.


Diet Coke Announces Clementine Flavour For Christmas

Diet Coke fans will be able to enjoy their favourite drink with a twist this Christmas, as a new clementine flavour is being launched for the festive season.

The citrus-tinged beverage will be available to buy from stores around the UK from mid-October, giving shoppers two months to stock up on the drink before Christmas Day.

Marketing director at Coca-Cola Great Britain Kris Robbens told the Birmingham Mail: “For current fans of the brand who love new flavours and those who are looking for something new during the festive season, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Diet Coke Clementine.”

Coca-Cola, no doubt, added the clementine twist, as it is one of the strongest, most notable flavours of the festive season, with chocolate-orange being synonymous with Christmas sweets, and lots of citrus zest added to Yuletide puddings.

Indeed, the role of the clementine at Christmas – and particularly why they are typically given in stockings – stems from when St Nicholas used to leave little presents of nuts and apples for children in the 16th Century, according to the Financial Times.

Mr Robbens added: “Full of festive flavour and with no sugar, it’s the perfect drink for the lead-up to Christmas.”

However, despite Coca-Cola trying to reinvent its winning formula to score more sales in the festive shopping frenzy, its new flavour has received some criticism.

Elves Fairies And Me wrote a comment on Christmas UK’s tweet announcing the new beverage, saying: “Not as nice or as festive as last year, would much rather have the cinnamon one back.”

Last year, the drinks company launched its Coca-Cola zero sugar Cinnamon limited edition flavour, guaranteed to get “taste buds feeling festive” before Christmas.

This is the time of the year many big food manufacturers consider using monopropylene glycol to jazz up their traditional flavours with Christmas-themed ones ahead of the holiday season.

Quality Street Adds New Flavour To Its Tins

Christmas would not be the same without a large tin of Quality Street, but this festive season we will not only be indulging in handfuls of toffee pennies and green triangles, but a completely new chocolate too.

This is because Nestle has announced it has added a different sweet to its tubs for 2019 in the form of a chocolate caramel brownie.

Chocolate fans will already be able to purchase boxes with the new flavour in from major supermarkets, including Tesco, Iceland and Asda.

The confectionary brand showcased its latest addition – wrapped in distinct bright blue cellophane packaging – on its Twitter account recently.

It Tweeted its 7,363 followers, saying: “What do you think to the new colour? Have you tried our new #Chocolate #Caramel #Brownie Sweet yet? [sic]”

One fan, Emily Marshall, has obviously already sampled the new flavour, and took to social media to tell Nestle: “Chocolate Caramel Brownie @QualityStreetUK is a complete game changer.”

It is not just the contents of the box the brand has changed ahead of its pre-Christmas sales, but the ratio of sweets as well.

Nestle revealed it has increased the amount of chocolate sweets in its boxes from 35 per cent to 46 per cent at the expense of its toffee offerings.

Senior brand manager for Quality Street Ellie Worley said: “2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas of the Christmas season.”

Whatever changes Nestle makes, Quality Streets continue to remain exceptionally popular among consumers, with the company producing around 12 million of the sweets every day during the peak season.

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Cocktail Drinkers ‘Afraid To Experiment With Flavours’ Says Research

While your researchers may be cooking up ever more inventive flavourings with monopropylene glycol in the lab, there’s a certain subset of consumers who are still ‘afraid’ to experiment and be adventurous when it comes to the flavours they choose.

A survey, carried out by One Poll on behalf of Russian Standard Vodka, looked into consumer’s choices when it came to cocktails and, much more than in the food they ate, their choices were dictated by a fear over certain flavours they weren’t familiar with.

According to the study, reported by Harpers, 24 per cent said they’d like to experiment more when it comes to cocktails, 60 per cent they felt they lacked understanding of flavour matching for both choosing and creating new tipples.

Take for example, 18 per cent of respondents had never tried a drink with a herbal ingredient, compared to just six per cent who avoid food with herbs in.

Rebecca Heathcote, head of international marketing for Roust, producer of Russian Standard Vodka, said: “The research has proven that consumers need that extra bit of encouragement to experiment for themselves with their cocktail making.

If you are planning a new cocktail product, then it may be interesting to discover that Edinburgh is the most receptive city to interesting flavours, while Birmingham is the most resistant, with a quarter never having had a cocktail with rosemary, mint or lavender as an ingredient.

The 25-to-24 year old demographic is the most adventurous, with 32 per cent having tried a lavender cocktail, a figure that falls to 11 per cent in over 55s.

New Wimbledon-Inspired Bubbly Launched

Tennis fans who have had their eyes glued to Wimbledon 2019 will be interested to hear Morrisons has launched a new strawberries and cream flavoured bubbly in honour of the tennis tournament.

Wimbledon is synonymous with the traditional English dessert of strawberries and cream, which is why the supermarket giant has decided to cash in on the craze and create a fizzy wine in the same flavour combination.

Sparkling wine buyer at Morrisons Stefan Kazmarcyzyk was reported by the Mirror as saying: “This fizz is an ace with a refreshing flavour that makes it a perfect party drink. We hope our customers serve it up this summer.”

The Garden Party Strawberries and Cream Fruit Fizz has a fresh strawberry zing to it combined with a smooth creamy flavour. A 75cl bottle retails for £5 and has an alcohol content of 5.5 per cent.

Morrisons is also launching another summery drink as well this season, with the introduction of a Parma Violet-flavoured Lambrini.

The fizz is available exclusively in 185 of the supermarket chain’s 493 stores, and retails at just £2.50 for 70cl.

The new drink is being released to celebrate Lambrini’s 25th anniversary, having launched in the mid-1990s when Parma Violets was a very popular flavour of sweets.

According to Lambrini, the new drink is a “nod to the 90s with a favourite old school flavour”.

It has already proved popular with Lambrini’s fans on social media, with many taking to Twitter to express their excitement over the new flavour.

For instance, @mattyleonardd wrote: “Won’t stop till I find the mystical place that sells Parma violet lambrini [sic].”

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